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A role model for sharing my bean-to-bar dark chocolate or Persian cucumber slices, I am not (I'm addicted to both, seriously). What I do share are intriguing sports snippets, especially if they're related to pro cycling, because cycling is a metaphor for life. (Most people passionate about their sport will say their sport is a metaphor for life.) Anything else is fair game, too, as is information relevant to the pursuit of slow food, quality wine and spirits, and a thriving state of mind:

It’s no wonder Iceland is ranked No. 1 on the Global Peace Index.

Cycling is huge in Iceland. (Kidding.)

When the Katla volcano erupts, water from the glacier will flood the town of Vik, whose residents will have 20 minutes to evacuate.

Iceland’s President and First Lady hosted a reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres – no fast food - and posed for selfies.

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Fitness Q&A

Q: Is this lockdown period a good time to try to get in the best shape of my life?

A: Overdoing it can make you vulnerable to illness.

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I'm Sonya Ewan, a Minneapolis-based memoir writer. Up until March 2020, when COVID-19 changed life and I was coincidentally in the process of moving north, I was an Albuquerque-based freelance writer. I started my career as a prep sports stringer, moved into magazine features, and am currently working on a rewrite of my memoir-personal essays manuscript. SportsSlant is my side gig - an opportunity to back away from my own life and observe other people. It includes my blog (more of a biannual column): CHbLog; a reader Q&A, where I delve into my knowledge as an athlete and former fitness instructor to answer training-related questions; an Events calendar with SportSlant Book Club recommendations and must-see movies further down the page; and an abridged portfolio of my published works.

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